Me & My Work

I’m a USA-born photographer and gonzo-style writer that specializes in the wilder, less planned, cheaper side of travel. 

Two years ago, I dropped my steady job in New York, bought a one-way ticket to a foreign country, and decided to just see where life would take me. I started my journey in Fiji, built a new life in Australia, and backpacked Southeast Asia. And what I learned from my travels is that the beauty and self-understanding triggered by this kind of nomad-like existence is worth the challenges of uncertainty. 

Taken in Cat Ba, Vietnam, April 2015

In the past year I’ve interviewed a Cambodian mafia leader, written food reviews on fried tarantulas and preserved duck fetuses, documented my own motorbike crash, photographed a traditional H’mong village wedding, recorded my detainment in Laos and investigated corruption in the Laotian police system, and narrated a three-day trek up to the remote Kalinga region of The Philippines, where I met the last of a dying lineage of headhunting tattoo artists.

I hope my adventures inspire you to be fearless, forget your nine-to-five, and explore our big world.

My Current Projects

I’m based out of Atlanta, Georgia, also known as the South’s funky epicenter of food and hip hop. And I’ve begun an investigation of the oft-overlooked flyoverlands that occupy the airspace between New York and Los Angeles. My goal is to explore these many American landscapes, starting with my hometown and moving from oceans to plains to mountains to deserts, and bring you narratives of a thrifty, spontaneous road tripper looking for the out-of-the-ordinary in American life. Learn more about Flyoverlands.

I’ve recently joined ShootProof's kick-ass team as a Loyalty Builder and am studying graphic design at Savannah College of Art and Design. I’m a contributing writer and photographer for The Ma’Ati, a hybrid travel webzine and fictional narrative that functions as a nomad’s guide to the universe, as well as a blogger for BeFunky, a groundbreaking online photo-editing software company.  

My Past Experiences

I graduated from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2013 with a concentration in broadcast journalism, photography, and social justice. My work experience from college to now is a total mish-mash: web design, non-profit grassroots community outreach, broadcast journalism, documentary filmmaking & marketing, videography, photography, graphic art, logo design, and hyperlocal journalism. More details below.