Innovation at its Finest: Check Out This Homemade Spearfishing Gun

Location: Pakse, Laos

We were wandering downriver from the waterfalls outside of Pakse when we stumbled across two young boys in their skivvies, one holding this homemade spearfish gun. The other wore a pair of old-school circular goggles, the kind that's just a single, oval pane of glass that covers your eyes and nose. 

As we approached, the two clambered through the bush and up the hillside, leaving behind a pair of flip flops, the ashes of a recent fire, and their gun. I wasn't sure if we frightened them just because they don't often see Westerners exploring this part of the jungle or because spearfishing is illegal in the area. 

Either way, it was really cool checking out the fishing equipment. And don't worry! We put the gun right back where we found it.