An Ode to Jollibee

Location: Puerto Princesa, Palawan, The Philippines

Fast food is extremely popular here and Jollibee is the McDonald's of The Philippines. I even saw a mini-figure of the mascot, a happy, red-and-white striped bee with a chef's hat, on family's mantle once. It's a must try for any visitor. The most common dish is the fried chicken, which comes with gravy, and the choice of rice or (if you're craving something unusual) spaghetti. 

I always go the spaghetti route, of course. The noodles are doused in a helping of sweet red tomato sauce, which has the same consistency and almost the same flavor as ketchup, sprinkled with grated cheese product and finally topped off with a few sweet, soft hot dog-like bites. It's gross in the way that chili-cheese fries or Denny's pancake puppies are gross. And definitely worth the stomach ache afterward.